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We sell privately held companies.

We help companies prepare for sale.

We have active listings of profitable, well-established, privately-held businesses. Be sure to visit Opportunities in our Clients page.

We have a remarkable track record: 

We've sold every company that has stayed the course to the finish line.

Market Focus

We work with a wide variety of profitable companies.

Team Approach

We use a team approach and have a proven process.

Sweet Spot

Lower Middle Market (Revenues of $3M+ and/or EBITDA of $750K+)

our business

Our Business

Experience & Competence

We are known for our experience and competence.

If you make it, move it, build it or service it, you're a good match for our services.

Typical Clients

Clients range from Baby Boomers selling their family business to owners cashing in on early business success.  We work with clients in almost all industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, fabrication, industrial services, construction, distribution, transportation or logistics. 

Our Approach

We manage all aspects of the sale to ensure a successful outcome. We follow a proven process and communicate regularly so that our clients are always informed of project status.  We tailor the sales process and recommend a buyer that can not only purchase and run the company, but also has the right values.  We negotiate a price that is often greater than expected.  We’re highly competent with the transaction mechanics and ensure that our clients are supported by equally competent legal, accounting and wealth advisers.


Owners rarely know the market value of their family business. Sometimes they have an idea based on an insurance valuation, estate plan estimates or information gained from an acquaintance.  Unfortunately, these are not reliable indicators of company value. Based upon our considerable experience, we always provide a market opinion of value and if needed, we can arrange for a certified business valuation.


Our comprehensive initial assessment allows us to establish a realistic asking price.  This analysis is usually sufficient to support a buyer in the preparation of a Letter of Intent.  

We have experience, expertise, ethics, exceptional performance, and an enviable track record.

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