Typical Clients

Our typical client is a profitable company that provides goods and services to other businesses (commonly referred to as B2B companies).  We are selective in choosing our clients.  We are not fearful of informing a prospective client that their company is not ready for sale or that their sale price objective is unrealistic.

Examples Include:

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Fabrication & Assembly

  • Transportation

  • Distribution And Logistics

  • Food Processing

  • Wineries

  • Construction & Contracting

  • Industrial Services

  • Smaller "Main Street" companies



In the interest of our clients and the need for strict confidentiality, we choose not to divulge the name of the company or its specific location.

If you'd like more information on any of theses companies with the possibly of signing a Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), please contact Bob Champoux @ 425-890-3857 or Pete McDowell @ 425-877-3503. Or, feel free to email us by visiting the Contact page on this site.


The COVID19 pandemic has impacted many businesses. We've updated the status of each business listed below.

Current Clients - update 02/15/2021

  • Elevator repair business: We engaged this $6.5M revenue client in June 2020. This company is very profitable, extremely innovative, systematized and less prone to downturns due to its customer base. There are patents and proprietary systems that drive performance. Growth potential is huge for a buyer who develops a well thought out national sales strategy. STATUS: we are in Due Diligence with a strategic acquirer, expecting to close no later than 02/28/2021.

  • Washington Winery: This well established, award winning and profitable 3,000 case winery is located in Woodinville.  It is known for high quality red wines- varietals and blends.  The winery inventory is bottled/cased and ready for the next four wine club releases- the next two are scheduled for February 2021 and April 2021.  For a new owner the releases provide initial working capital cash and allow for meaningful connection to and retention of wine club members in the transition. STATUS: we have an LOI from a qualified buyer and are targeting a close no later than 04/30/2021.

  • High-end Furniture retail operation: Good brick and mortar retail is not dead. This is a uniquely well positioned company for the new normal as their products fit perfectly into the stay-at-home dynamic that is expected to continue for some time. Research shows that consumers will be slow to gather or entertain outside of their homes and will continue to invest in upgrades that make the home environment more pleasant and comfortable.  This business is for someone looking for a very consistent, predictable, and well-known business with $850K of cash flow per year. This $6.5M revenue Puget Sound company has very successfully navigated the COVID19 downturn. 2020 year-end revenues deviated only 6% from norms in spite of a 2 ½ month closure- a validation of the company's position of strength in its market. January 2021 written sales orders were extremely strong. Link to Teaser

  • Site Development Construction Company: This $11.5M revenue company has higher gross margins than industry norms and works in a wide range of site development projects in the Pacific Northwest ranging from commercial and residential to public works. The company has a solid team that focuses on accurate estimating, selective bidding, tight cost controls, and accurate invoicing of change orders.  We are awaiting an update on 2021-2022 contract awards. Link to Teaser

Future Opportunities

We have an active pipeline and have had meaningful dialogue with owners of the following businesses. We expect to engage a number of these by the end of 2021.​

  • Pool and Spa Construction company, 35 year old $7M rev. business located in Northern California; consistently profitable and the leader in its geographic market. Owners are considering a sale to key employees. If we get the assignment, we anticipate bringing it to market in Q2 2021.

  • Commercial painting company in Southern California; we're reviewing financials and this company will not be ready for sale until late 2021.

  • Electrical contractor, a Puget Sound business with roughly $6M in revenues; we're awaiting more information but could bring it to market in Q2 2021 if we engage the owners.

  • Beevers Manufacturing and Supply: Medical Products

  • Buyken Metal Products: Precision Sheet Metal

  • Commercial Painting Contractor

  • Fresh Homes: General Contractor

  • German Machined Products; aerospace machining

  • Hovair Systems: Material Handling Equipment Mfg.

  • M & M Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Maid Brigade: Franchise Operation

  • Maintco Construction

  • National Concrete: Concrete Cutting

  • Northwest Grating: Industrial Grating

  • Pacific Tool: Aerospace Tooling Manufacturer

  • Precision Aerospace: Aerospace Manufacturing

  • Redmond Athletic Club: Full Service Athletic Club

  • Transmogrify: Specialty Printing and Marketing

  • William Church Winery

  • Warden Fluid Dynamics: Industrial Distribution

Successful Sales for Previous Clients

Here is a partial list of businesses that we've sold over fifteen-plus years:

Businesses we've advised on the acquisition side include:

  • Buchanan Automation: Automation and Control Systems Distribution

  • Urban Hardwoods: High-End Furniture Manufacturing

  • Price Injury Law

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What They Say About Us

"I can’t begin to express how grateful we are for your help and guidance with the sale of our business.  You managed to lay out every step we needed to do.  You found us the perfect buyer and held our hands to the very end. When we look back on the whole experience, we realize that it could have been a nightmare without you.  We felt as though you were always by our side to either answer questions or to just calm our nerves.  We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business. Your experience and knowledge in everything from valuation to marketing to execution of all the little details made all the difference."

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