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“Thank you so much for guiding us through this process. I could not have ever imagined the road would be so difficult, but it was always a relief to know that you guys were walking it with us. Congratulations to you guys and thank you for putting in so much time and energy.”

Aerospace Mfg. Company Owner

“I have had the opportunity to work on several business transactions with RC Advisory Services and have found that companies who worked with RC Advisory Services to prepare their businesses for sale are better positioned for a quick, smooth and efficient sale.”

Keil Larsen, Attorney / Partner, Reed Pruitt Walters Larsen PLC

"My client was feeling overwhelmed with the unexpected possible sale of his company. Bob and Pete where able to lay out a plan which gave him comfort that he was in good hands and while the initial opportunity didn’t materialize, another one, even better, presented itself.”

Director of Family Business (Seattle Area CPA firm)

“Thank you for all your many efforts and hard work. This wouldn’t have happened without you folks. We certainly appreciate the many valuable contributions you have given to the company; in particular following our agreement for you to provide coaching, mentoring and guidance services to our management/sales team, helping them achieve better results from the work they do. In addition, you have provided invaluable management and business measurement tools, with company and individual applications that have helped our company achieve the best financial results in a long time.”

Industrial Services Company (Seller)

“Thank you for all of your help along the way. This was a very quick process that took a coordinated team effort. This never would have happened so quickly without you and Bob shepherding the process along on your side. It was great working with you both. If you’re ever in the Chicago area, please don’t hesitate to reach out. It would be great to meet in person and celebrate.”

Private Equity Group (Acquirer)

“Thanks for helping us navigate through the acquisition process. We really appreciate your guidance, expertise, patience and knowledge. I feel we were fortunate that you identified a motivated buyer who is actually going to work the business and has experience in construction and running successful companies.”

Construction Company Owner

“Pete and Bob have worked with several of my clients over the years. I highly recommend them. They have multifaceted experiences, exhibit the highest degrees of honesty and integrity, are very proactive, respond very quickly when contacted, and have a heart for helping client companies optimize sales value. I especially recommend their philosophy of helping companies build value over time so the seller can reap higher value at a later date. Very few M&A advisors offer this value-added service. Give them a call, check them out.”

Allan VanderHamm, Principal, Bernston Porter & Company PLLC

“We retained Pete to advise us on an M&A transaction with one of our portfolio companies. Pete’s advice was very important to our strategy on this transaction. His knowledge, integrity and incredible work ethic has paid great dividends.”

Tom Clary, President, The Inception Group, LLC

“I also commend you on your selection of consultants. Pete and Bob did a wonderful job orchestrating this transaction. Where consultants can sometimes hinder progress in a complicated transaction, they facilitated it and were excellent advocates for their clients. It has been a pleasure to work with them, and I hope to have another such opportunity in the future.”

Medical Products Company (Acquirer)

“I can’t begin to express how grateful we are for your help and guidance with the sale of our business. You managed to lay out every step we needed to do. You found us the perfect buyer and held our hands to the very end. When we look back on the whole experience, we realize that it could have been a nightmare without you. We felt as though you were always by our side to either answer questions or to just calm our nerves. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business. Your experience and knowledge in everything from valuation to marketing to execution of all the little details made all the difference.”

Home Services Cleaning Business (Seller)
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