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Team Opportunities

Business Partners

We're always interested in adding high quality, business savvy people to our team.

Following are requirements for us to consider when adding an Associate, someone who has:

  • Capacity to finance personal expenses without a steady paycheck,

  • Experience in sales and understands marketing,

  • Good people skills; able to work with diverse personalities,

  • Confidence and ability to “sell” themselves and their services,

  • Financial analysis skills (can interpret a Balance Sheet and P&L),

  • Operated or managed a small business  and/or has been involved in some sort of business consulting,

  • Small business consulting skills or has been in business situations related to preparing companies for sale,

  • A solid professional network and can generate leads,

  • A willingness to be coached,

  • Excellent verbal communication skills with both individuals and in front of a group,

  • Good writing skills,

  • A solid reputation,

  • Ten

  • years of business experience.

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