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Competitive Advantages

Pre-Sale Due Diligence

We complete the initial due diligence and financial analysis (pro bono) to determine company valuation ranges and salability. We collaborate with the seller to identify opportunities to increase value. This process is intensive and is rarely completed by business brokers and other boutique M&A firms.

Client Requirements and Expectations

We do not formally engage with the client until we agree on the price target range. Many bankers simply promise to sell a company at the seller’s desired price regardless of whether it is supported by data.

Sales and Marketing Process

Once a Representation Agreement is executed, we conduct additional due diligence and analysis to draft a Teaser and a comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) to capsulize the opportunity. We actively market the company using extensive emails to our broad referral contact database while posting blind listings on internet sites. Some bankers simply create a Teaser and post it on the internet.

Client Engagement

· We communicate with our clients weekly or bi-weekly on the sale process via phone or virtual meetings. This enables the client to focus on running the company, knowing that our firm is actively managing the sale process. Many of our competitors do not regularly communicate status updates.

· To organize and protect confidential company information, we utilize a DropBox file storage portal to organize information such as financials, tax returns, organization charts, and agreements, for access by prospective acquirers.

· Since buyer financing is critical to the outcome, we approach at least two banks for their interest level. This enables us to recommend a bank to the buyer that has already reviewed the financials and projections. The process is rarely done by our competitors.

· We actively market the company using extensive emails to referral contacts while posting blind listings on internet sites. If applicable, we may contact competitors or companies that have previously approached the Seller. Many of our competitors simply post on the internet and wait for a contact.

Buyer Due Diligence

· After signing an NDA, prospective acquirers are vetted for their financial capacity and “fit” in conjunction with the seller to determine the “ideal buyer.” Only qualified candidates are provided with the company name and access to the Dropbox folder with the seller’s confidential information.

· We collaborate with the seller to qualify the interested parties and decide on the best candidate to move to the LOI stage and begin negotiating the price and terms. Some of our competitors conduct a competitive auction which transfers much of the responsibility to the seller and their employees.

Closing the Transaction

Unlike most other M&A firms, we manage the buyer’s due diligence data requests, data room, legal document drafting, accounting functions, and price and terms negotiations. We do not turn this process over to the attorneys to manage and control.

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