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Why engage an M&A advisor such as RC Advisory Services?

Because we always achieve the highest price and identify a buyer which will sustain the legacy of the seller and his/her employees

Because we have an enviable record of success (we’ve sold every company that has stayed in the game to the finish). We accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Critically reviewing and suggesting changes to the financials

  • Suggesting improvements to the company operations.

  • Enabling the Seller to focus on running the company.

  • Preparing informative marketing materials

  • Identifying potential buyers who have the financial capacity to buy the company

  • Negotiating Letters of Intent.

  • Coordinating with both parties’ attorneys.

  • Coordinating and responding to Buyer due diligence requests.

  • Establishing a “data room” to facilitate distribution of documents.

In a DIY scenario, the Seller must perform the tasks listed above, and,

  • Be intensively involved in the details of the transaction.

  • Not have the time to adequately manage the company

  • Will be challenged to find a Buyer

  • Will have issues qualifying and vetting potential Buyers

  • Will find time consuming responding to Buyer Due Diligence requests

  • Will be confronted with Buyer attempts to negotiate a lower price.

  • Will encounter high attorney costs.

  • Will not be pleased with the final price.

Recent Quote from a DIY Seller: “It was one of the worst experiences of my life and the final sales price did not meet my expectations.”

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