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First Impressions Matter

A potential buyer and his spouse are visiting your company for the first time. What will their impression be?

  • The building and its signage are visually satisfactory.

  • There is visitor parking and the area is free of debris.

  • The entry door is clean (not grimy).

  • They receive a friendly greeting (rather than a perfunctory hello).

  • The carpets are clean and appear to be recently vacuumed.

  • The bathrooms are fresh and welcoming (not like latrines).

  • The shop and/or warehouse floor is neat and organized.

  • The equipment and inventory are free of dust.

  • The employees are dressed appropriately.

  • The employees are engaging and fun to talk to.

Question: Does this describe your company and its facilities? If a potential buyer receives a positive first impression, they will be able to move forward on a potentially great business opportunity. If not,.......

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