First Impressions Matter

A potential buyer and his spouse are visiting your company for the first time. What will their impression be?

  • The building and its signage are visually satisfactory.

  • There is visitor parking and the area is free of debris.

  • The entry door is clean (not grimy).

  • They receive a friendly greeting (rather than a perfunctory hello).

  • The carpets are clean and appear to be recently vacuumed.

  • The bathrooms are fresh and welcoming (not like latrines).

  • The shop and/or warehouse floor is neat and organized.

  • The equipment and inventory are free of dust.

  • The employees are dressed appropriately.

  • The employees are engaging and fun to talk to.

Question: Does this describe your company and its facilities? If a potential buyer receives a positive first impression, they will be able to move forward on a potentially great business opportunity. If not,.......

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"I can’t begin to express how grateful we are for your help and guidance with the sale of our business.  You managed to lay out every step we needed to do.  You found us the perfect buyer and held our hands to the very end. When we look back on the whole experience, we realize that it could have been a nightmare without you.  We felt as though you were always by our side to either answer questions or to just calm our nerves.  We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business. Your experience and knowledge in everything from valuation to marketing to execution of all the little details made all the difference."

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