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Characteristics of a company that is not ready for sale

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

  1. The owner works “in” the company instead of “on” the company.

  2. The owner is financially very comfortable and not focused on growth of profits.

  3. Ownership thoroughly enjoys serving as the chief problem solver.

  4. The owner is not very trusting of subordinates.

  5. Delegation is not obvious.

  6. Planning is not a major focus; there is no annual plan or budget.

  7. Ownership doesn’t seek out ideas from subordinates or outside advisors.

  8. If on a vacation , ownership stays on top of things with cellphone/laptop.

  9. The company uses a CPA only to do taxes.

  10. There is no succession plan for when the company is sold or if the owner unexpectedly dies.

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